Fundada en 2009, RAIAR es una red de organizaciones con propósito de educación, formación, investigación y acción política, para combatir el racismo en general, y particularmente el racismo anti-indígena y anti-negro.  Actualmente cuenta con seis miembros organizativos, cuya información de contacto se encuentra a continuación,  y cuatro miembros individuales, asociados con universidades en los EEUU.  En este caso de los y las miembros individuales, sus universidades respectivas también han provisto apoyo institucional y material a las actividades de RAIAR.

Founded in 2009, RAIAR is a network of organizations devoted to education, capacity-building, research and political action to combat racism in general, and against indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples in particular.  Currently the network has six organizational members, whose contact information can be found below, as well as four individual members, associated with universities in the US.  In the case of the US-based individual members, the associated universities have also provided material and institutional support to RAIAR activities.

RAIAR Time Line 2009-2017



June 11-14.  Pamela Calla and Charlie Hale meet during the LASA meetings to conceive the idea of forming the network. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


March. The Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS) at the University of Texas, Austin sponsors meeting to discusse the initiative, with presentations on Guatemala, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and the U.S.

July 10-12. Observatorio del Racismo en Bolivia (housed at the U Cordillera), in collaboration with the Bolivian Ombudsman, and other organizations of the Red Anti-racista de Bolivia, organize a series of activities with invited participants Daniel Goldstein, Bret Gustafson, Charles Hale. La Paz.

July 13.  International Seminar “Racismos en Perspectiva Comparativa: Guatemala y Bolivia” is sponsored by the Observatorio del Racismo en Bolivia and the Vice-Presidency of the Plurinational State.  La Paz.


February.  NYU’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and network members launch the working group, “Racisms in Comparative Perspective” (Ongoing):

February. Racial Eruptions: The Awkward Place of Blackness in Indian-Centered Spaces of Mestizaje. Presenter: Charles Hale

March. Race as Culture in Latin America: History-Politics-Geography in the Region. Presenter: Marisol de la Cadena

April. Global Racial Stratification, Afroamerican Politics & the Durban Agenda. Presenter: Agustin Lao-Montes

September. The Specificity of Anti-Latino Racism. Presenter: Linda Martín Alcoff (CUNY)

October. Uneven Flows: Race, Class and Regionalism in Bolivia’s Second Water War. Presenter: Nicole Fabricant (Towsend University)

December. The Presence and Absence of Antisemitism in the 1940s: Bolivia in Latin American Perspective. Presenter: Laura Gotkowitz (University of Iowa)


August 8-10. Inaugural meeting of the “Network” with a focus on capacity building and research action. La Paz, Bolivia.

August 11-12.  International Conference, “Racismos y Estrategias Antiraciatas en las Americas.” Auditorio de la Vicepresidencia del Estado Plurinacional, La Paz.  Sponsored by the Observatorio del Racismo de la Universidad de la Cordillera, the Inter-American Foundation, Oficina del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas sobre los Derechos Humanos, y LLILAS. Fall 2011

October.  Network submits grant proposal to IAF for “capacity building of the network.”  Grant is funded for 2012 for one year.


Working group on Racisms in Comparative Perspective Sessions. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies-NYU and RAIAR (Ongoing):

February. Degrees of bondage: Children’s Tutelary Servitude in Modern Latin America. Presenter: Nara Milanich (Columbia University)

March. Ethnicity.gov: Global Governance, Indigenous Peoples and the Right to Prior Consultation in Social Minefields. Presenter: César Rodríguez-Garavito (Universidad de los Andes)

April. Race under the Paradigm of Ethnicity: Some Critical Notes on Race Studies in Mexico. Presenter: Emiko Saldívar-Tanaka (University of California)

October. In the Road of Life: Racisms in the Southern Andes. Presenter: Margarita Huayhua (Rutgers University)

December. Transnational Context of Liberian Colonization: Intertwined Processes of African and North American Colonial Ventures in the U.S. and British Empires. Presenter: Ikoku Asaka (Columbia University)


June 5.  Network receives formal notice of grant from the Inter-American Foundation.

June 18-23. Twelve members of the Network attend a workshop in Alabama at the Southern Poverty Law Center, with a focuse on litigation, anti-racist educational programs and policies, fund raising, and counter-propaganda strategies against hate groups in the US.

June 23. The Network formally adopts the name RAIAR, “Red de Accion e Investigacion Anti-Racista.”  RAIAR means “sunrise” in Portuguese.


Working group on Racisms in Comparative Perspective Sessions. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies-NYU and RAIAR (Ongoing):

February. Epistemological Exorcism: Nationalist Historiography & Colonial Blackness. Presenter: Herman L. Bennett (CUNY)

March. Orientalism, Race and Progress in Mexican Nationalism from the Manilla Galleon to the 1930’s Chinese Banishment. Presenter: Gerardo Renique (CUNY)

April. The US Afro-Latino Experience in Transnational Perspective. Presenter: Juan Flores and Miriam Jimenez (NYU)

September. Hybrid Traditions: Race in U. S. African-American and Latin American Political Thought. Presenter: Juliet Hooker (University of Texas)

October. Fixing the Papers: Visa categories and the racialization of migrant subjects. Presenter: Ulla D. Berg (Rutgers University)


March. Workshop Encuentro Red de Observatorios de Discriminación Racial/ Racismo, focus on “Consulta Previa y consentimiento, Construcción de un litigio estratégico sobre casos de discriminación desde la perspectiva constitucional, Penalización de la discriminación racial.”  Bogotá, Colombia.

February 25-March 2. A member of the Observatorio del Racismo de los Medios, Guatemala, visits the ORB in La Paz.

April. RAIAR members from the Observatorio del Racismo en los Medios en Guatemala, coordinate with the President and the Chair of the Committee on Human Rights of the American Anthropological Association to denounce human rights violations of then President of Guatemala, General Otto Perez Molina.

May. A member of the Bolivian Observatory and one member of COPERA (Mexico) visits the ODR in Bogota, Colombia

September 26-27.  International Conference RAIAR “Teoria y Praxis de Interseccionalidades: Hacia uma pesquisa descolonizada.” Among invited speakers are Kimberly Krenshaw, Ochy Curiel, Alicia Castellanos. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

September 28.  RAIAR Internal Workshop, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Working group on Racisms in Comparative Perspective Sessions. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies-NYU and RAIAR (Ongoing):

February. With Painful Interest: The Ten Years War, Masculinity, and The Diasporic Politics of Revolutionary Blackness. Presenter: Nancy Mirabal (San Francisco State University)

March. When Immigrants Give Birth to Citizens: The Experiences of Mexican Immigrant Women in Public Prenatal Care Settings in New York City. Presenter: Alyshia Gálvez (Lehman College, CUNY)

April. Structural Racism: New Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing America. Presenter: Keith Lawrence & Raymond Codrington (Aspen Institute on Community Change)

May. Racial Subordination in Latin America: The Role of the State, Customary Law, and the New Civil Rights Response. Presenter: Tanya K. Hernández (Fordham University School of Law)

October. Coloniality of power and critical race theory in Latin America: Afro-indigenous comparative reflections. Presenter: Charles R. Hale (University of Texas)

December. Violencia totalizante y experiencia en México contemporáneo: algunos acercamientos en torno al cuerpo, la visualidad y la racialización. Presenter: Maya Aguiluz Ibarguen (UNAM)


May 5-6.  RAIAR research planning workshop.  LLILAS, University of Texas at Austin, TX.

May. LASA Congress, Chicago. “The paradoxes of (anti)race and (anti)racism.” (Sessions 1 and 2) Organizers: Monica Moreno Figueroa (U of New Castle), Emiko Saldivar Takana, (UCSB). Participants: Khantuta Muruchi (ORB), Aj’bee Jimenez, (Colectivo Kay’Balam), Tanya K. Hernandez (Fordham University),  Peter Wade, (University of Manchester), Francisco Vergara-Silva (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Juliet A Hooker (University of Texas/Austin) Gisela Carlos Fregoso, Tianna S Paschel (University of Chicago)

June.  RAIAR submits research proposal to Wenner Gren Foundation.

October 13.  Public Forum, “Discriminación y Racismo: Criminalizando la Protesta” FLACSO, Guatemala.

October 12-14.  RAIAR internal meeting.  Guatemala.

December 4. RAIAR receives formal notice from Wenner Gren Foundation that the research proposal has been funded, “on “When Rights Ring Hollow: Racism and Anti-racist Horizons in the Americas”

December 15-18.  RAIAR exchange activity. Negociaciones de Paz y los Derechos de los Pueblos: Las Experiencias de Guatemala, Mexico y Colombia. Norte de Cauca, Colombia.


Working group on Racisms in Comparative Perspective Sessions. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies-NYU and RAIAR(Ongoing):

March. Blackface in an Andean Space in Peru: Parody, Blackness and the Myth of Racial Democracy in Latin America. Presenter: Danielle Marion Roper (NYU)

April. The Trial against Efrain Rios Montt: A Dialogue about Genocide, Racism and Justice in Guatemala. Presenters: Irma Alicia Velasquez Nimatuj (Anthropologist, Guatemala) and Pamela Yates (Skylight Productions U.S.)

April. Racialized Geographies of Belonging, Displacement, and Grieving. Presenter: Nina Glick Schiller (University of Manchester)

May. “Freemasonry in Cuba: Nation, Secretism and Race” Presenter: Julie Skurski (CUNY)

October. Religion, Conquest, and Race in the Foundations of the Modern/Colonial World. Presenter: Nelson Maldonado Torres (Rutgers University)

November. Black Struggles and Immigrant Rights: Movement Narratives and Solidarity in a post Civil-Rights Era. Presenter: Sujatha Fernandes (CUNY)


April. Leith Mullings receives a Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program award  “Racism and Anti-Racist Horizons in the Americas” to fund the U.S. part of the comparative research process “When Rights Ring Hollow: Racism and Anti-Racist Horizons in the Americas ”

March 1-3.  Inauguration of the research project, “When Rights Ring Hollow:  Racism and Anti-Racist Horizons in the Americas.” First workshop on Methodology, Cali, Colombia.

May. LASA Congress, Puerto Rico. Racism and Antiracism in the Multicultural Turn: Perspectives from the Americas. Organizers: Irma A Velazquez Nimatuj and Emiko Saldívar Tanakana. Presenters: Rigoberto Queme Chay, Centro Universitario de Occidente, CUNOC Melesio Peter-Espinoza, Universidad Iberoamericana Marilyn Machado, Proceso de Comunidades Negras Leith P Mullings, Graduate Center, City University of New York

June 5-6.  RAIAR Research Project Workshop (Results Phase I). Bogotá, Colombia.

December. Juliet Hooker (UT Austin) and Pamela Calla (NYU) receive, in the name of RAIAR, the Ford-LASA Special Project grant for the Mexico Workshop Phase 2 of the comparative Research Project: When Rights Ring Hollow: Racism and Anti-racist Horizons in the Americas.


Working group on Racisms in Comparative Perspective Sessions. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies-NYU and RAIAR (Ongoing):

October. “Indigeneity in Bolivia: A History of the Invention of Race in the Crucible of the Americas.” Presenter: Thomas Abercrombie (NYU)

November.  “Visualizing the Afterlife in Port-au-Prince.” Presenter: Katherine Smith (NYU)


Jan 11-12.  Research Project Workshop (Results Phase II) and internal RAIAR meeting, Mexico City.

Jan 13.  Public Forum on RAIAR project.

May 23-26.  Research Project Workshop (Results Phase III), New York.

May 27-31. LASA Congress “When Rights Ring Hollow: Racism and Anti-Racist Horizons in The Americas” RAIAR double panel presentation, New York.


Working group on Racisms in Comparative Perspective Sessions. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies-NYU and RAIAR (Ongoing):

December. “Mestizaje as Ethical Disposition: Indigenous Rights in the Neoliberal State.” Presenter: Deborah Poole (John Hopkins University)


March 1. “Different Methods, Same Goals: Anti-Racisms in the Americas” C. Mendez, C.R. Hale, E. Telles, K. Yasuda Conference organized by RAIAR and UCSB’ Latin American and Iberian Studies. 2017 Spring Conference.

March 3. “Resistance and Criminalization after the Multicultural Turn”.  Sponsors: RAIAR and UCSB. Presenters Howard Winant, Juliet Hooker and Leith Mullings, Mariana Mora, Lucienne Rocha, Rigoberto Choy, Jaime Antimil.

March 1-4.  RAIAR Research Project Edited Volume Workshop I, When Rights Ring Hollow: Racism and Anti-racist Horizons in the Americas. University of California at Santa Barbara.

May. “Race Matters in Dangerous Times” Charles Hale, Pamela Calla and Leith Mullings. RAIAR contribution to the special issue #blacklivesmatter Across the Hemisphere. NACLA Report on the Americas. Spring 2017 vol 49, No. 1

May. LASA Congress, Lima Peru. RAIAR Roundtable “Between Resistance and Criminalization: New Racial Formations in the Americas” Session Organizer: Pamela R Calla Ortega  (NYU) and Emiko Saldivar Takana (UCSB). Chair: Charles R Hale, University of Texas/Austin Presenters: Leith P Mullings, Graduate Center, City University of New York, Edward E Telles, UCSB, Peter Wade, University of Manchester.

May. RAIAR and PNC (Colombia) Declaration of Solidarity and Call to Action for the Civic City Strike. For a dignified life in the territory. Buenaventura se respeta! Because Buenaventura cannot wait any longer.

June. RAIAR with other organizations declare their solidarity with Zoque indigenous people, Chiapas: Carta de apoyo a la lucha del pueblo Zoque de Chiapas en contra de los hidrocarburos.

July. Manifiesto Social Contra la Violencia hacia el Pueblo Mapuche. Comunidad de Historia Mapuche, Universidad de Los Lagos, RAIAR. Manifiesto dealing with the killings of Luis Marileo Cariqueo y Patricio González, and the policie occupation of School/Escuela G-816, Temucuicui (Región de la Araucanía, Chile).

July 5-6. Forum: “El Racismo Institucional y las vias Juridicas de Reivindicacion en Oaxaca y en Latin America” Participants, Irma Alicia Velazques, Ana Maria Cruz Vanconcelos, Yasnaya Aguilar Gil. Co-sponsored by RAIAR, CIESAS, COPERA.


Working group on Racisms in Comparative Perspective Sessions. Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies-NYU and RAIAR(Ongoing):

May. “The Color of Modernity.” Presenter: Barbara Weinstein (NYU)